J.milo design rugs

j.milo creative started as j.milo design Rugs. The goal is to create patterns, which are timeless. Suggested color combinations and sizes have been chosen for their visual interest and strength. Each rug is hand knotted to order, this allows a certain amount of flexibility to the buyer, as very space has its own set of needs in terms of color and size.

All Rugs are hand knotted child labor free in Nepal using wool and silk sourced from a number of different locations.

Size: Any size can be made up to 25’ x 60’

Color: Any color is possible. Custom colors require an 18” x 18” color strike-off before knotting an entire rug. we can work from any type of color swatch or a pantone number.

Lead-time:  All rugs are hand knotted for the customer. This process takes 3 1/2 months.  Custom strike-offs add an additional 3 weeks. 

How to order or start the custom design process: Please contact j.milo creative 970.870.3030 or info@jmilo.com